In recognition of the Liceo researchers’ performance for their studies being downloaded by users coming from 115 countries, Dr. Roberto N. Padua, co-chair of TWG CHED Journal Accreditation Services and Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, CPA, University President gave recognition to the top 9 researchers: Donna Lou E. Neri (608 downloads, Platinum Award), Dr. Genaro V. Japos (423 downloads, Gold), Veberlino T. Yamut (370 downloads, Silver). The bronze awardees include Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, CPA, Engr. Richie M. Lago, Dr. Teresita T. Tumapon, Dr. Jofi V. Mahilum, Dr. Lesley C. Lubos, and Dr. Roberto N. Padua. The awards were given during the Faculty Research Colloquium held at AVR 3 of the University.

The Geographical Information System map of the statistical data revealed a global spread of the readers of Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research now available online for the world through managed by C and E Publishing, Inc.

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