THE United Market Vendors Association (Umva) at Cogon Market took the initiative of opening up a “Timbangan ng Bayan” and an assistance center booth inside the market to provide support and assistance to market vendors and consumers.

Carmen Borja, Umva president, said the members of the group unanimously agreed to put up the booth at their own expense.

She said the assistance center booth, located at the center of the market’s ground floor, will serve as information area to both costumers and members of Umva.

She said a weighing scale will be placed within the booth for easy access by consumers and to guarantee exact measurement of the goods they purchased, especially meat.

“An amplifier will be placed in the booth so whatever announcement, like a lost child, will be heard in the whole market. A staff from the City Economic Enterprise Department will also be present to issue residence certificates (cedula),” Borja said.

Toto Padinit, Umva vice president, said a police officer from Police Station 2 in Cogon will man the booth to watch over the peace and order inside the market.

Earlier, Padinit said they have requested Mayor Vicente Emano to provide them with a veterinarian and employees from the City Health Office to give immediate actions to those vendors selling spoiled meat.

But Alan Fernandez, overseer of the Cogon and Carmen Public Markets, had asked Umva to write a formal letter to Emano to formalize their request for permanent employees to be stationed in the booth.

Fernandez said the memorandum of Emano will legalize the employment tasks inside the market.

“This may be a small structure inside the market but it will be of great help to all consumers and the vendors, to bring back the trust and confidence of the consumers,” Fernandez said.

Earlier, the City Government disallowed sidewalk vendors to display their goods outside the market during day time to give priority to stall owners who are paying their taxes diligently.

The move was made by Emano upon the request of Umva.

Fernandez said based on the order of Emano, the sidewalk vendors are only allowed to sell outside the market from 6 p.m. until 4 a.m.

“These vendors were earlier given directive to sell only starting at 9 p.m. but this was moved earlier to 6 p.m.,” Fernandez said.

article by Nicole Managbanag of Sun Star CDO

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