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A local group is planning to organize the expats community in Cagayan de Oro to establish a Foreigners’ Assistance Center, this is based on a column written by Atty. Joe Pallugna, a popular legal personality in the city.

In the said column published in a local newspaper, the group’s objectives are:

“to make a permanent office with a website and an e-mail address, a Facebook account, a Twitter account and a landline and mobile phone number wherein any foreigner can contact us for any questions on visa extensions or conversions, permanent residency, investments, buying lands, houses and cars and equipment, registration of businesses and selling property. Foreigners will also get legal advises on marital relations, adoption, citizenship, residency, marriages and prenuptial agreements, bail bonds if needed, health insurance, life insurance, protection from abuse and fraudulent transactions, getting an apartment or renting a house.”

also, according to Atty. Pallugna,

“These foreigners could also ask queries on local tourist destinations and places of interest, or getting Visayan lessons to be able to communicate better and understand the culture of Filipinos much better. Or getting legal representation against Temporary Protection Orders and Hold Departure Orders, getting Alien Certificates of Registration (ACR) or Exit Clearance Certificates if they intend to leave the Philippines after staying here for more than six months. Common problems like getting annulments or defending support cases, violence against women (the most abused law here), or recovering property or collecting debts will also be the subject of services that the foreigners assistance center could provide.”

With the growing number of foreigners in the city, this idea is very worthy and should get the needed support from all sectors. Only then we can say that our city city is foreigner-friendly… a nice place to retire.

Read Atty. Pallugna’s column HERE.

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