Construction of Paseo del Rio, the Pelaez Group’s mixed-use development project is now in full swing. Earthfilling is currently being undertaken at the riverside property beside Kagay-an Bridge. Truckloads of soil are seen being dumped everyday at the site, known to be flood-prone. The portion near Biasong Road Extension was the first to be filled and is now at road level.

The following pictures show the dumped soil being spread into the lower portions of the property.

As seen below, the portion beside the road was the first to be prepared and is now at level with the road.

The hotel site is near the river protection and is still being prepared. Note flags planted indicating property line and important points of the project.

You can notice the weep holes on the concrete river embankment.

Meanwhile, development of Rodelsa Circle is also on-going. One can now see the Palafox-designed circular park with the structures slowly taking into shape. I believe they will decrease the circle’s diamater to accommodate one additional lane as shown in the perspective below.

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