Sidewalk vendors outside the Cogon Public Market will no longer be allowed to display their goods during day time. This after Alan Fernandez, overseer of the Cogon and Carmen public markets, said sidewalk vendors will only sell from 9:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. to give priority to stall owners inside the market who pay their taxes diligently.

“As requested by the United Market Vendors Association (UMVRA), sidewalk vendors will not be allowed to sell during day time,” Fernandez said.

Earlier, the UMVRA filed complaints with the office of Mayor Vicente Emano regarding the proliferation of sidewalk vendors in Cogon.

Fernandez said Emano acted on the association’s complaint but does not intend to totally ban the vendors from selling in the sidewalk as he “doesn’t want to lose their means of living.”

On Monday, Fernandez said Supt. Antonio Montalba will monitor the strict compliance of the new policy.

“All will be given the chance to sell their goods but priority is given to those renting inside the Cogon Market who pay their taxes diligently,” Fernandez said.

with article by Nicole J. Managbanag of Sun Star

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