Northern Mindanao or Region 10 has the most number of proposed agricultural infrastructure projects among the island’s six regions covered by the Mindanao Rural Development Program (MRDP), with P1.357 billion worth of investments according to the Department of Agriculture.

Northern Mindanao was closely followed by Central Mindanao or Region 12 with P1 billion. Proposed infrastructure projects for Western Mindanao or Region 9 reached P722.7 million; for Caraga or Region 13, P612.7 million; for the Davao region or Region 11, P533.9 million; and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, P248.7 million.

Infrastructure projects undertaken by the MRDP include “farm to market roads, communal irrigation systems, potable water systems, bridges and other infrastructure critical to increasing farm yield, resource-based livelihoods, environmental conservation, and governance reform.”

The MRDP is a poverty alleviation project funded by the World Bank. During the first phase, which was implemented from 1998 to December 2004, $27 million was disbursed for projects for 32 municipalities in five provinces in Mindanao. The second phase of the project, which started in May 2007 and will end in 2012, has a fund outlay of $83.752 million and will cover 225 municipalities in 27 provinces in Mindanao.

Funding of infrastructure projects follow a 50-50 cost sharing scheme between the MRDP and the local government units concerned. Of the P4.48 billion worth of projects, P189 million worth of projects have been completed, P632.2 million worth of projects are ongoing, and the remaining P3.7 billion worth of projects are in the preparatory stage.

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