Six processed fruit exporters based in Mindanao are expecting at least 20 percent growth in capital gains after successfully acquiring a stiff certification that opens more doors to the international market.

This developed after the BG Fruits and Nuts Manufacturing Corporation, Four Seasons Fruits Corporation, Motherland Foods, Primexynergies, Snapsnax Ventures, and Soyuz Foods International were officially recognized to have passed the Hazard Analysis and Critical Points (HACCP), through a ceremony held Wednesday afternoon.

Jonathan Y. Godoy, Opol-based BG Fruits vice president, said the standards, although stiff as it could be, would help them stand out against other exporters who have not yet gained the said certification.

Motherland Food Product operates in Cagayan de Oro and produces 140 tons of frozen fruit puree per year and 23,500 liters of fresh young coconut juice.

Photo: DCM Bassett and USAID Philippines Director Steele present a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification to a local businessman during a visit to Opol, Misamis Oriental on Sept. 16. Five other local companies obtained the HACCP certification with technical assistance from USAID. An HACCP certification enables entrepreneurs to sell their products in the international market. The group is the second to receive such HACCP certification.

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