Took the River Cruise Tour a few weeks back trying out the ride operated by Liceo de Cagayan University’s Safer River Life Saver Foundation, Inc. and took some shots of the scenery aboard the boat. The main photo above is the Puntod-Kauswagan (3rd) Bridge taken downstream of the bridge near the estuary.

First route is going upstream towards Carmen Bridge and took some photos of the City Hall and the Golden Mile Project. The photos were taken on two (2) different ocassions.

Due to the ongoing works at city hall, contractors have used some area at the mid-point of the river for their sediment requirments. The boat made a u-turn and headed downstream. We are now going under Maharlika Bridge.

Passing by the bridge, note the silted river due to the rain the previous night.

A beautiful house on the Kauswagan side vis-a-vis makeshift settlements on the Consolacion side.

Going further downstream, we had a closer view of Isla Baksan.

As we approach the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge, we can notice the dredger docked on the western bank at the Tamparong-owned lot.

Below is the estuary portion of the river where the waters of the bay meet the waters of the river. Picture shows the Bonbon side with the mangroves.

On the eastern bank is Puntod showing Catimco Complex. Years ago, this complex was planned for a mixed use development as the sawmill operations has been transferred to Baloy. The inauguration of the 3rd Bridge might revive the plan.

Looking back, Pryce Plaza can now be seen. — photo shows the 3rd Bridge and hotel are very near but in reality very distant from each other.

Finally, the mouth of the river (Bukana)…

Photo below shows sediments taken from the dredging operations.

I think they’re building some kind of breakwater…

Near the Bonbon shore is an aquaculture livelihood project.

We are now heading towards the bay enroute to the city port. Below is the famed Parola (Lighthouse) in Macabalan, a vital monument for ship navigation approaching the city.

Below are snapshots of the Cagayan de Oro Port, which is still undergoing expansion as seen in the pictures.

Shown below is the on-going expansion of the port. On the left is the under-construction coastal highway.

Beside the port is the MacArthur Marker as seen from the bay…

A large container ship departing …

Below are more views of the eastern coastline of the city….starting with Tablon area (Cagayan Corn Products Corp.)

Gusa-Lapasan area…CUMC very visible…

Going back to the river, a speedboat and a small catamaran were seen docked along Consolacion…reportedly owned by Mr. Chiu of Graphics.

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