PROJECT WATCH: City Amphitheater reverts to previous stage design

The new city administration has redesigned the stage for the newly re-constructed City Amphitheater. As shown above and the following photos, the new design is basically the same of the demolished structure, resembling a shell-like canopy.

Construction has ceased temporarily for the past few weeks pending the new design for the stage. Now that the new design (or reverted to the old) has been released with tarpaulin installed onsite, construction is expected to resume anytime now.


Below is the design during the Jaraula Administration.

Below is the City Amphitheater before the re-construction.

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  1. wowo says:

    i modern unta nila bah?
    lain mani tan.awon….
    atop nlang unta..
    murag pareha sa terraces sa ayala….

  2. Monchaxcalifornia says:

    I agree! I mean kailangan e modern na nila unta kay labina kay nag kaanam naka modern ang atong dakbayan.we need a 21st century design first in mindanao.Kung renobahon ug gastohan naman lang ugaling.

  3. Jilliebeans says:

    @wowo. i agree pud na kinanglan modernized. pero fyi, mas maayo man inani ang design, kanang naay dome ang stage para ang sound kay matrap within sa dome and muresonate padulong sa divisoria. ang terraces sa ayala kay surrounded man by the buildings and shops sa mall, so matrap gihapon ang sound kay mura mag bowl ang shape sa terraces. lahi man ang design ug structure sa amphitheater.

  4. Louis Garcia says:

    Ang nag design niini nga amphi theatre wala gi consider unsa’y essence sa amphitheatre. Mas BRIGHT pa ba siya sa mga Greeks og Romans nga mao ang mga designers sa theatres of entertainment(arts and sports) ? o kaya a BLATANT display of the designer’s IGNORANCE. Isipon lang gyud ang audience maga hangad aron motan-aw. Paano na lang mga tigulang magsakit ilang mga li-og og mao pa ang main hinungdan mag ata-ke sa stroke. Sa mga mogbu og height, luoy kay mag sige og lukso lukso aron maka kita lang og kaya makig combate sa iyang atubang nga naka babag sa iyang panglantaw sa entablado. A TOTAL CRAZINESS AND STUPIDITY!

    • Sayon ra man ni e solve. Ibutang lang ang audience sa stage, then ang performers didto dayon sa ubos. 🙂

    • gilbert t says:

      youre absolutely right. this is a blatant display of the designer’s ignorance. and may i add, ignorance on the person(s) approving it as well. but we all know, all they care about are projects. even if we dont need it, even if the design isnt fit, even if we dont have money. the more projects they get, the more money in their pockets. thats how they did it in the past, thats how theyre going to do it now, and thats what the future is in store for us.

      smile nalang. 🙂

      “The lesser evil or lesser of two evils principle is the idea in politics and political science that of two bad choices, one isn’t as bad as the other, and should be chosen over the one that is a greater threat.”

  5. junelle says:

    unxa ni?semi-overpass??tsk2.

  6. Jess says:

    …….it should be called re-renovate…kalas ayo og money…samok

  7. toink says:

    diving board naa cya nooh..hehehe..joke.

  8. enrico says:

    I work in a design and engineering company diri sa hongkong…I know si Mr Jaraula is not into engineering…i can tell the design is of one mind, and doesnt apply collective sourcing, and query…as a native of CDO i can offer my technical background reference to my international construction vetae…ang existing design is murag huge concrete slab over grade.

    • kit says:

      Sa pagka karon ingon pana ana, pagka sunod henerasyon ipalahos na kana sa carmen unya butangan dayon ug stop light mahimo na dayon tolay hehehehehehe. mao na ka advance ang nagplano ana. Di ba nindot hehehehehehehe 4 lanes na siya.

  9. jundats says:

    kumusta naman ni atong ampi nga bati man nuon kaayo… mura man nuon ug tulay tan awon… hahay…pangit kaayo….

  10. Unsay purpose why na built ang city amphitheatre? Or any historical backgrounds regarding it? For school works purposes lang. Thank you

    • Gene Eric says:

      All old cities and municipalities in the Philippines have a plaza with a stage and near this is the municipal or city hall, a cathedral, and a market. The market used to be near here but it was later moved to the now Cogon area. The stage in the plaza (called amphitheater here but a misnomer because an amphitheater have seats in raised terrace in a semi-circular fashion like the one in Iligan City) is where programs are held and before TV and the Internet, the town’s people gather here on weekends for singing contests usually aired live on radio (amateur hour). Hope this helps. You can google further amphitheater “cagayan de oro” history.

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