Latest pictures of the Cagayan de Oro eastern coastal superhighway project shows significant progress since the previous update last May 2010.

As seen in the photos, construction of the seawall and drainage facilities are still ongoing. Dump trucks loaded with filling materials are observed transporting eastward or towards Gusa seaside area for further reclamation. Initially, they’re constructing the breakwater with rocks then filling it with soil.

all photos by DKD of SSC

This 4-lane highway is planned to be extended to Bugo but this phase is up to Gusa only. Further, there are resorts in Cugman (Cha-li), and ports in Tablon (Gothong, General Milling Corp., Cagayan Corn Products Corp., Cagayan de Oro Oil Mill Corp.) and Bugo (Del Monte) which could be a hindrance to the project.

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