Shown above is the perspective of the proposed St. Francis Xavier Parish Church at Pueblo de Oro. This will be the religious component of the multi-use development of Pueblo de Oro and the only missing special aspect of the township. There is still no construction observed onsite.

The site is just near Philamlife Village, where its multi-purpose hall is currently being used temporarily for masses by the nearby community. The increasing population of the township also necessitates the establishment of a parish.

Based on the design by HS Busgano Architect Studio, the chapel has a very unique shape with ramps and stairs at the front. The glass (or whatever you may call it) located just above the entrance shows the image of St. Francis Xavier.

The chapel and its component buildings will be built solely on donations and sponsors.

When this project will be completed, the township is now complete: residential, commercial (SM), educational (Xavier), recreational (golf course), ambulatory clinic (CUMC), condominiums, and hotel (Koresco).

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