THINK loud-thundering drums, stinging-rough basses, throat-scratching vocals, words that mostly may only reach your ears as “raaaa!!!”, accompanied by the ever-un-effaceable black colored t-shirt with matching glaring red and everything dark prints. I hope you were led properly on that. Yes, I am talking about the metal music and the people that carry it. Meet Hoodswhite, yes, all dark and black. But considering this image that they send across, are they really who you think they are? Think again.

Hoodswhite is one of CDO’s very own local bands. Not the ones that we usually run into on Sunday afternoons in Ketkai or SM, neither are they the ones who take away the nights away in Rosario Arcade, although they do perform of course, only in a genre that, let’s admit it, a number of us, once in our lives, we thought we resented. Comprised of Michael on lead guitars, King on bass, Paul on drums, Mackoy on rhythm guitars, Nicole on keyboards and John on vocals, this promising symphonic black metal band deliniates the real deal on rock metal bands. “We’re not only about all the ‘saba-saba’,” says the only rose among the thorns, Nicole. They are practically “the same with every genre” which has messages, only that their way of forwarding them is heavier.

“Just because we wear black doesn’t mean that we are bad people,” answers John when asked of how they take the criticisms and prejudice of some people towards a certain group such as theirs where most of them usually wear black and are into this kind of music. “Damit lang naman yan,” he adds. Moreover, King, the leader of the band emphasizes that this kind of music is their expression in life. “We show our personality through our music,” he mentioned. The band was more than confident to prove to me that indeed they are not “mga walang patutunguhan sa buhay” as Nicole puts it refering to how some people judge them to be.

All the guy band members are all econimically stable and are either employed or even managing their own bussinesses in the city, while Nicole is still a student at Xavier University.

So stepping aside from what the band is not, let’s talk about what this group gives when they start talking. Or playing, I should say. Hoodswhite stand proud not only for who they really are, but for what they have achieved and the length of their being a band. The band started in 1999, back when King and John were still in second year of high school. Their influences include Slapshock, Chicosci and Keso. Back then, they started by joining inter-school band competitions. In 2009, the group represented the area of Mindanao in the grand finals of the annual Muziklaban and were the first black metal band to enter such level.

The band also takes pride with the quality of musicians that their band holds. One must be a competitive musician to be in a metal band because of the extreme music that they create. “Most of the time, you will find the best guitarists and drummers on metal bands,” says Nicole. Last August 28, the band presented “We Dine in Hell”, a metal concert at the Food Tent behind Lourdes College where they featured other metal bands. Older metal artists who are now abroad support them for the metal music to keep going, thus the Dine in Hell concert was one of the projects supported by the pioneering metal band members who are now living abroad.

article by Saima Mamalo of Gold Star Daily
PHOTO: Hoodswhite take a pause from their extremeness and pose lightly for Urban Life (from left) bassist King, lead guitarist Michael, rhythm guitarist Mackoy, keyboardist Nicole, vocalist John and drummer Paul at Reyes studio. Photo by Mark Francisco, staff member

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