KALAMBAGOHAN, as our city was once called, dates back many centuries before the Spaniards came. Several cultures came and attacked the settlement but the Cagayanons were able to defend themselves courageously and successfully. It has been 60 years hence since Cagayan De Oro was granted the status of a chartered city. Now, it is obviously one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Over the years, Ororama evolvedthrough the heart of the city of Cagayan de Oro. For 41 years,it was one with the city as both grew in distinction and progressed remarkably.

Ororama’s float portrays the vibrance of life in Cagayan de Oro City, and the outstanding job the city has done in ensuring the wellness and quality of life for all Cagayanons.

The Float depicts the VISION of Cagayan De Oro City…

“A peaceful, orderly, livable, city with a modern trading center where there are equal opportunities for our disciplined citizens to develop and prosper in a clean and healthy environment.”

The grand marker, the Douglas McArthur’s cap, is the focal point of Ororama’s float for it symbolizes peace which was brought back with the help of the Americans after the war. Economic activities went back to normal and consequently the city’s socio-economic order underwent far-reaching changes— activities rapidly grew in scale and in great importance resulting in a highly urbanized city today.

Our float shows the many new modern buildings that are taking shape and rising in the Cagayan de Oro skyline— the Polymedic Plaza, the Gateway Towers, Market City. These developments indicate that the city is indeed on its course towards planned, rapid and sustained growth for all Cagayanons to enjoy, from whatever walk of life they may come from.

“Gateway to Northern Mindanao.” “City of White Water Rafting & River Trekking.” “A City in Bloom, in Blossom, and in BOOM!” “City Of Golden Friendship!” These are but a few of the descriptions Cagayan is known for and that are float truly embodies.

As every Christian Cagayanon steps into the entrance of the newly renovated St. Augustine Metropolitan Church, the banner proclaims the hope of all Cagayanons alike this fiesta— that”….we may attain true righteousness, and so that we may become agents of transformation of society!” *

Photos by Tau’ma Udasco; article from Gold Star Daily

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