Bonne Hotel located at the former SBC Party Venue site along Kauswagan Highway is now nearing completion. Although the hotel’s entrance gate is along the highway, I still had difficulty taking photo updates of the project because the gate is always closed and there’s always a guard on duty standing by, aside from the fact that the hotel is located some 50 meters from the gate and trees are blocking the view.

Well, construction has been slow (almost a year now) but I’m hopeful this project will soon be completed. I first posted this on October 19, 2009 or almost 10 months.

So based on the photos I recently took, the 3-storey hotel (in the background) is almost done except maybe for exterior and interior finishings. The old building of SBC Party Venue (left) is currently being reconstructed and converted into a 2-storey building perhaps also connected to the new building behind it. Rumors say this hotel will have a pool, function rooms and restaurant.

In case you didn’t know, SBC was bought by the owner of Liberty Land Corp.

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