If you’re a native Cagayanon, you have probably heard of the “giant fish” tale along the Cagayan de Oro River. Some say it’s just a myth, a legend, a tale from the old age carried over the years. Based on the story, the giant fish even ate a priest from nearby St. Augustine Church.

If we follow the legend, only few locals know of an old tablet carved from stone depicting that “incident involving the priest and the giant fish”. Many years before, this tablet was located somewhere on the southwest concrete fence of what is now St. Joseph’s Garden of St. Augustine Church. Interestingly, this tablet (shown above) was transferred right at the back of the Archbishop’s Palace, away from the public view. A closer view of the tablet shown below clearly shows a hapless priest being caught by a giant fish….The tablet is believed to be very old.

But if you’re not into myths and legends, the tablet would be that of Jonah who was swallowed by a whale as written in the Bible.

In modern times, there really exists a giant carp as shown below and is very common in Southeast Asia.

Still, this giant carp could be very much bigger in the older days which can easily gobble up anything the size of a man. Now, this giant fish is often depicted in the floats during the annual fiesta.

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