When the old Roan Caltex Station was closed a few months ago, I initially thought it would just be another major renovation because basically, it’s the only strategically located Caltex Station in Cagayan de Oro City which has not yet been converted into a Caltex Star Mart.

Weeks passed and I can only see the pumping sheds, the office building and the fuel tanks being removed from the site. Maybe, reconstruction will follow soon. But at noon today, I passed by the area and the contractors have already removed the perimeter fence they have temporary installed to isolate their “demolition work”. As shown below, the site has been completely leveled to the ground, perhaps a preparation for something new development. From Google-Earth estimates, the property is estimated to contain an area of 2,000 square meters. The area is very ideal for commercial use, right at the corner of the National Highway and RN Pelaez Boulevard.

Some of the contractor’s heavy equipment are still onsite.

Just across the site is MAKRO. The fence along the highway has not been removed yet. Only the fence along Pelaez Blvd. was removed.

We’ll soon find out in the coming weeks what’s in store for us….a new refilling station? or maybe something different?

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