Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Emano announced that a joint business venture between local businessmen and American investors is being set up for the construction of a proposed cable car system in Cagayan de Oro City.

Accordngly, the Mayor said that the American experts and local proponents will meet with him next week to discuss the details of the proposal.

The ‘starting point’ of the proposed cable car system will probably descend from Cagayan de Oro River’s upstream- the site of the famous whitewater rafting adventure, and ends up at the back of City Hall as its ‘disembarkment point’, according to Mayor Emano.

To enable to gain higher elevation before descending, a 20-storey high launching tower equipped with elevator would be established at the starting area, including the presence of popular food chain giants like Mc Donald’s, Jollibee, gift and novelty shops to cater to would-be passengers and tourists alike, he added.

With the majestic Cagayan de Oro River as its route going downstream, the cable car system, which is capable to operate during daytime and nighttime, would probably be the first of its kind in the country.

The project is patterned after the cable car system in Singapore (Sentosa) shown above.

Mayor Emano is hopeful that the establishment of the proposed cable car system will boost the city’s tourism industry as it offers a unique level of experience, thrill and adventure. (City Information Office)

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