Have you ever tried to do “fishing” first before you actually eat your catch? More often than not, in most seafood diners, you just simply point at some live fish in an aquarium or select from freshly caught fish in a container for them to cook and serve them later at your table. But things will definitely change in Cagayan de Oro when a very unique restaurant will soon open a first of its kind in the city.

FIESTA INDOOR FISHING AND RESTAURANT, located along Tiano Bros. Street fronting Chaibodia Bistro & Café is offering somewhat a different style in seafood eating. The place was formerly Steve’s Grill, the old building demolished and reconstructed now. The building is nearing completion as shown in the pictures.

I really do not know if the fish caught will be eaten by customers but there are prizes…based on the photos (tarp is installed onsite), the owner must have copies this somewhere either in Japan or Korea…

Below is the pool where you will fish….

Of course, if there’s a new investment….jobs, jobs, jobs…

So, try this one out when it opens.

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