AFTER around five months of hiatus, local television host Nicole Abas-Datayan finally came out in the open and debunked rumors that she died.

Nicole guested in a Parasat show over the weekend and told host Jean Tulang-Cezar that she is very much alive and well and that she got pissed with the rumors.

Rumors were heavily circulated last month over phone text messages that the beloved host of Pamahaw Ispisyal and Tsada Cagayan had died.

“At first, I found it amusing that someone is spending hundreds of pesos in text messages just to spread those rumors. But when they reached my family, it was then that I got pissed,” Nicole said.

Nicole recalled that friends would show up at their house just to check on her health.

“Some of them were hysterical over the phone because they thought that I had died already,” she added.

Nicole’s ABS-CBN executive producer Mylene Sison came to her rescue and advised the TV host to post shoutouts in her Facebook account that she is alive and well.

Of course, Nicole admitted in her interview with Cezar that she is currently recuperating from an auto-immune disease thus, her doctors were advising her to rest, take it easy and relax from work.

Nicole said she is using this new challenging moment in her life that she enjoys bonding with her daughter and her friends and even goes out of town trips with them.

Medications and treatments such as her dialysis continue because the auto-immune disease has already affected her kidney but Nicole is assuring her fans that she is recuperating and will be back soon on the air.

Of course, there was no sign of the disease in her appearance on Up Close with Cezar – she looked as lovely as ever.

“These trials are nothing compared to the lots of blessings that I have received from God – my stint with ABS-CBN, my profession as a teacher and of course my ever wonderful and supportive family,” Nicole said.

article by Mark Francisco of Gold Star Daily

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