WHEN digital photography first came into this city at around 2001, one can only count about a dozen or two events photographers back then.

Now, Cagayan de Oro is abuzz of dozens if not hundreds of them many thanks to the advent of digital SLR cameras.

Yet one stands out above the rest for he is an expat. Yet Fadi Ismail is no ordinary expatriate at all for he is a Jordanian.

Coming from a country of only five million people, it’s rare to find a Jordanian in foreign territory these days.

In fact, has met only one Jordanian in the Philippines ever since migrating here in 2002.

Ismail is a sculptor and artist by profession and by occupation. (In fact, he still ships his artworks from Cagayan de Oro to his hometown of Irbid and to the nearby capital city of Amman these days to make ends meet.)

Meeting a lady from Cagayan de Oro in 2001 in Jordan changed everything for the now 40-something Ismail.

Ismail and his wife wed in Islamic rites in Jordan and wed back here in Cagayan de Oro City this time in Catholic rites. (The wife is now a bank manager in Malaybalay City; she comes by every weekend to their house in Xavier Estates.)

“I’m not planning to go back to Jordan anymore. I love it here,” Ismail confessed.

But working on his artworks still has Ismail plenty of time to explore something else.

And so came the love of photography.

Ismail soon became friends and became a member himself of the Oro Photographers Society.

He particularly fell in love with glamour photography, thus it is his current passion.

Being introduced to the world of fashion photography, Ismail is now finding himself competing with other photographers.

Yet he does not mind it.

All he loves to do is clicking away like he does here with SM Stylista Jolorosa Bargamento.

If you are interested to know more on Ismail’s portfolio and his artworks, you may contact 09177420297.

article by Mark Francisco of Gold Star Daily

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