Cagayan de Oro’s first modernist public sculpture is in Capitol University.

Capitol University President Atty. Casimiro B. Juarez Jr. and world-renowned Filipino sculpture Eduardo Castrillo recently unveiled Mindanao’s first modernist public sculptural installation, Convergence, a work by Ovvian Castrillo Hill, donated to Capitol University by Eduardo Castrillo and his family, at the CU Friendship Park.

I got this clearer sculpture below from Ovvian’s website. Except for “Simbang Gabi”, basically it’s the same work. I don’t know if it’s the same donated to CU.

4 feet diameter Stainless Steel sculpture
2’2” H X 4’W X 3’ D anchor stand+base
(1” marine plywood in Elastomeric paint finish)
ARTIST’S PRICE: Php 290,000.00

Ed Castrillo must have fell in love with Cagayan de Oro as even Ovvian, her daughter donated the P290,000 worth masterpiece.

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