A TOTAL fish production of 37,000.55 metric tons (MT) have been noted in Northern Mindanao during the first quarter of this year.

Visa Tan Dimerin, regional director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), said this volume of production is actually 0.25 percent higher compared to that of 36.906.62 MT in the same period in 2009.

Among the fish sectors, aquaculture posted the highest production of 15,744.72 MT followed by the municipal fish sector with 10,884.87 MT and the commercial sector with 10,370.96 MT.

In terms of increase in production, the aquaculture sector also posted the highest, with 8.45 percent, while the municipal sector posted a slight increase of 0.02 percent but those in the commercial sector decreased by 9.86 percent.

Meanwhile, Dimerin said among the aquaculture sector, marine fishcages/pens posted the highest production, from 257.78 MT last year to 351.60T or 36.40 percent.

Freshwater fish also increased its production, from 305.76 MT to 375.03 MT or 22.66 percent and seaweeds, from 8,291.83 MT to 9,939.55 MT or 19.87 percent.

But brackish water fish declined, from 5,661.85 MT to 5,078.17 MT or down by 10.31 percent, Dimerin said.

Production of “other” fish dropped from 1.29 MT to 0.36 MT or down by 72.09 percent while commercial fish also declined, from 11,504.95 MT to 10,370.96 MT or 9.86 percent.

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