SOME 1,837,000 people were employed in Northern Mindanao by the industry group as of the start of the year, the January 2010 Labor Force Survey of the National Statistics Office shows.

Of this figure, 859,000 individuals were employed by the services sector representing the highest share of 46.7 percent of the total number of employed persons by industry group, said NSO regional director Salvador A. Aves.

This was followed by the agriculture sector with 779,000 persons (42.4 percent) and the industry sector with 200,000 persons (10.9 percent).

The wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles and personal and household goods posted the highest number of employees in the services sector with 360,000 (19.6 percent).

Next was transport, storage and communication with 112,000 persons (6.1 percent), public administration, defense and compulsory social security, 110,000 (6 percent), private households, 98,000 (5.3 percent) and education, 57,000 (3.1 percent).

Other community, social and personal service activities, 39,000 persons (2.1 percent), real estate, renting and business activities, 34,000 (1.9 percent), health and social works, 17,000 (0.9 percent), hotels and restaurants, 16,000 (0.9 percent) and financial intermediation, 15,000 (0.8 percent).

In the agriculture sector, 714,000 persons (38.9 percent) were employed in agriculture, hunting and forestry while 65,000 (3.5 percent) were employed in fishing.

In the industry sector, 97,000 persons (5.3 percent) were employed in construction, 89,000 (4.9 percent) in manufacturing, 10,000 (0.6 percent) in electricity, gas and water and 4,000 (0.2 percent) in mining and quarrying.

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