Following the reassignment of officers from the Diamond Division to other units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the unit, through its spokesperson, Lt Col Triumph Dominic G Bagaipo recently announced the names of officers who would be occupying key positions in the division.

Some of the posts include the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, G7, the office concerned with the dealings of the division with the different stakeholders within its area of operation such as the media, non-government organizations, government line units and communities.

In a turn-over ceremony held at Camp Edilberto Evangelista, Patag, Cagayan de Oro City, it was announced that the chiefs of offices of Operations, Civil Military Operations, Training and Education, together with the Commanding Officers of 58th, 36th, 30th, and 23rd Infantry Battalions as well as the 4th Division Training Unit will be reassigned and designated to their respective units with military orders effective July 09, 2010.

“I feel happy hearing that these gentlemen spoke with confidence, experience and background.” MGen Mario F. Chan AFP, the Commander of the 4th Infantry Division said in his remarks, referring to the speeches earlier delivered by the newly designated unit commanders. “I felt that I made the right choice designating them in their respective positions.” He continued.

Before assuming his post as Assistant Chief of Staff for Training and Education, G8, Col Cresente O Maligmat was the Commanding Officer of the 4th Division Training Unit.

The outgoing Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, G3, Lt Col Erwin Rommel P Lamzon was reassigned to the 30th Infantry (Python) Battalion in Placer, SDN while the outgoing Assistant Chief of Staff for Training and Education, G8, Lt Col Jose Manuel L Mariano was sent to lead the 36th Infantry (Valor) Battalion stationed in Tago, SDS. Meanwhile, Lt Col Rene R Canete, the former Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, G7, now commands the 58th Infantry (Dimalulupig) Battalion in Bislig City SDS.

Lt Col Roberto A Valencia was the Battalion commander of 30th Infantry (Python) Battalion stationed in Placer, Surigao del Sur prior to his assignment as the Battalion Commander of the 23rd Infantry (Masigasig) Battalion while Lt Col Benjamin S Pedralvez, Commanding Officer, 4th Division Training Unit was with the 23rd (Masigasig) Infantry Battalion stationed in Patag, Cagayan de Oro City.

Chan stressed the importance of the change of “players” of the Diamond Division as a need for improvement in strategies employed in continuing counterinsurgency.

“This is life in the military. Once in a while you would have to change players so as we can improve the way we do things. It is also a method wherein we are able to help our progress in their career: we make them experience both field and staff work so as they would become more effective officers now and they advance in their careers.” Chan ended.

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