My last update on Cagayan de Oro’s first high rise hotel was last April 14 when the proponents were still preparing the site and delivering construction materials. As of today, foundation works are still ongoing as shown above.

Some initial vertical construction can already be seen onsite as shown in the photo above. Still more work is being done on the foundations. Well, the good news is that the tower crane will soon be erected as work on the 18-storey hotel building will shift to vertical construction in due time. Still, a lot of digging is being conducted at the western end of the property (near the walkway). Beside the t-crane just outside the enclosed work area are the long steel cables for the building.

On the other hand, work on Gateway Tower 2 has temporarily stopped at the 4th floor but as shown in some of the pictures below, large steel cables protruding from the 4th floor. Gateway Tower 2 will also be 8 floors.

Browse over the pictures below for update on this project.

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