Lots of developments (earthfilling and earthmovement) in vacant areas in the 30-hectare Limketkai Complex this week. Photo above shows heavy equipment movement within the southern part of the complex.

Perhaps, LKKS is preparing for the rainy season. Parts of the complex are known to be flood-prone. In fact, all current developments have included earthfilling prior to construction.

The eastern side just across the East Concourse is also being “elevated”….

Some LKKS contractors were also busy on some “underground work” fronting Jollibee Gateway. I initially thought the work must be related to electrical because Cepalco’s vehicles were also in the vicinity. However, I learned Cepalco’s work was connected to the MUST Science Bldg. and not with LKK. I failed to take a picture of the “digging” work of LKK’s contractors. As of this morning, there were equipment possibly a compressors or pumps and a generator at the site.

Lastly, the city’s fiesta is just a month away so LKK’s carnival is already taking shape too.

The rides, most notably the octopus and ferris wheel are currently being erected onsite….

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