Part 18 of the Series… Updates of previous posts. Diagnostics Bldg. shown above along Burgos-Chavez Street near the Amphitheater with work on the building’s exterior. This building is actually 5 storeys but you can only see 4 storeys along Burgos St. because the basement is located further down Chavez St. leading to the Golden Mile.

The previous update of this project was last April 10, 2010. More photos of this project below.

Below is the on-going renovation or re-construction of the former Fems Lodging House just beside Maxandrea Hotel. Last update was last November 6, 2009. Work was slow for the first quarter of 2010 but construction pace has significantly picked up this past few weeks. More hotel rooms for the city’s transients and tourists.

This 2-storey commercial building along Capt. Vicente Roa Street shown below was first posted on March 25, 2010. Construction of the main structural frame of the building is on-going. This street is getting busier every week.

The Metro Hotel also along Capt. Vicente Roa St. is now on the final stages of construction. First posted on March 25, 2010, it is expected that this will be operational come 3rd quarter of this year. The vacant space to the left is probably the parking area. This hotel is just some 50 meters from the proposed Ayala Mall.

The Misamis Oriental Cooperative Bank along Antonio Luna Street seen below is also on the final stages of construction. Last updated April 10, 2010, the building is expected to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

The last update of this commercial building below was last January 8, 2010. There’s no rendering or tarpaulin installed onsite but I expect this to be at least 3 storeys high basing on the steel bars shown below.

Pride Rock Business Park’s expansion is almost complete as shown below. Last update was almost a year ago August 19, 2009, Part 2 of the series. Dunkin Donuts outlet is serving mostly clients of NSO.

Construction in the city is everywhere…. even the ants are constructing their own anthill – in anticipation of the rainy season! 🙂

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