There’s one thing that would make Twilight Saga: Eclipse most enjoyable, it would be the wild interaction generating from the audience.

Even if Limketkai dedicated two of its cinemas to Eclipse, still both of them were filled to the brim from the balcony to the orchestra seats during opening day last Wednesday. Of course, add in the factor that it was a holiday that day, what with the inauguration of President Aquino. Eclipse is undoubtedly perhaps the first movie in 2010 to have generate that much interaction from the audience. I could recall three such movies in 2009 where audience interaction is at its maximum – 2012, Ang Tanging Pamilya and…no surprise there, Eclipse’s predecessor Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The movie opened with Riley (Xavier Samuel), a native of our main characters’ hometown Forks, Washington being turned into a vampire by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard – the leading lady in 2009’s Terminator Salvation).

Then the scene changed into Edward Cullen (the now all too familiar Robert Pattinson) asking soon to be high school graduate Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) for marriage to which Bella flatly denied because she is in love with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), too. “I still have until graduation to see him.”

When Edward rode Bella to school, we see Jacob’s first scene in the movie fetching her. This will also be the first time the movie audience evokes coos in unison. “Guwapo kaayo si Jacob, Mark!!!,” exclaimed my seatmate.

There would be dozens of those scenes in this post-pubescent love story, involving Edward and Bella, Jacob and Bella, Edward and Jacob and Bella, and yes even between Edward and Jacob – that would elicit strong reaction from the audience. I’ll just cite a few of them.

When Bella rode on Jacob’s motorcycle to be with the latter’s family for a short while and Edward had that knowingly jealous look, the audience shouted their kilig-ness.

And then there was this scene when Jacob was about to leave Bella because he overheard Bella vowing to marry Edward, Bella blurted out to Jacob, “Kiss me!”

Of course, there would be dozens of Edward and Jacob meeting together because they have to work out a strategy to defeat the villainous army of vampires led by Victoria and Riley.

One particular funny instance was when Bella was freezing in a howling blizzard inside the tent and the cold-blooded Edward was helpless to assist her as compared to the more warm-blooded werewolf, Jacob barked, “You face it, Edward. I am hotter than you!”

When Edward finally acceded the shirtless Jacob to embrace Bella and keep her warm, Edward blurted out, “Could you at least attempt to control your thoughts?”

But the most kilig moment in the movie was when Edward refused to cave in to Bella’s sexual advances because she did not conform to being a vampire yet. “Yes of course I want to (make love to you) but I want to marry you first!”

It’s so much enjoyment in the 124-minute movie that when director David Slade’s name was rolled on the credits, the audience clapped in unison. And that’s just opening day.

article by Mark Francisco of Gold Star Daily

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