HIP 101 is one of the only few all-female hip-hop dance groups in the city.

In an online chat interview with this writer, Hip 101 lead dancer Ethyl Marie Miranda said the group was organized by the internationally-award winning dance group Xtatic in 2006.

Aside from Miranda, the group currently has 11 members: Jennifer Daling, Vianncy Marie Ramos, Ariane Lyn Tadlas, Carmen Paraguya, Michaela Lomongo, Marielar Natividad, Shiela Marie Alesna, Mary Patrick Sabanal, April Laberynth Callo and Gillian Gem Justine de Castro.

All of them are in their late teens and early 20s and are schooled in various colleges here.

True to their form, Hip 101 focuses more on hip-hop moves rather than the more common bubblegum pop and Miranda said she and the other members look up the two Step Up movies as one of the inspirations of their moves.

“In fact, we are looking forward watching Step Up 3D because judging from the trailer, we are quite impressed with all the new dance moves introduced. ‘Tsuy kaayo bai,” Miranda exclaimed.

Miranda was however quick to state that all their dance moves are original and they will never copy from dance videos circulating around.

“We convene together as a team and each member contributes suggestions,” she said.

However, not all of their dance moves are hip-hop in nature as they have to adjust to the needs of their clients.

Let’s say that their client is hosting a children’s party – they have to dance tracks that children can relate.

“It takes us three days to rehearse one segment,” Miranda said.

When asked on which was their most memorable gig, Miranda was quite hesitant to answer. “I love them all.”

And I’m pretty sure Hip 101 is here to stay for the next few years or so.

Hip 101 is available to perform in corporate and related events in Cagayan de Oro and surrounding areas. For bookings, please contact 09177420297.

article from Gold Star Daily

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