Updates of previous constructions posted here include the one shown above of the former Capitol Bank building along Lapasan Highway. Insider info is that the building will be converted into another pension house.

More and more businessmen are investing into the lodging business in the city.

Below is another update of the former COC Annex along Vamenta Blvd. Accordingly, it is now owned by another private entity. If there’s any indication, this building will be at least three (3) storeys high.

Finally, the new building of the Pelaez Group fronting City Central School can now be seen without the temporary aluminum walls during construction. Still, minor finishings are being undertaken. Interestingly, the building at the back is also being demolished and another construction is underway. Perhaps an expansion of the Pelaez project?

Below are photos of the same building taken along Yacapin Street just fronting Mindy’s. Note on-gojng construction on the left.

The design is very unique….

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