AS BROWNOUTS still occur despite the start of the rainy season, a company selling generator sets are also getting a huge chunk in the market.

From January to present, more than 60 units of generator sets have already been disposed of by the company.

Renald M. Tajor, administrative officer of the generator company, said sales were at its peak when the rotating brownouts started in early February.

While some people criticize power distributors for the series of brownouts, Tajor somewhat view it as a positive sign for them.

This, as sales from generator sets increased this year compared last year. He did not give the exact figure, though.

“Most of the generator sets we sell are the 950-watt type amounting only to P6,000. This could already give power to 10 fluorescent lamps and for offices or establishments not using air conditioners,” Tajor said, whose company is located at Capistrano-Montalban Sts.

Other types they sell include the 1,500-watt generator sets for P9,500; 750-watt and 1,500 watts of Fujihama brand which cost P6,000 and P12,000, respectively; Loncin brand 950 watts and 2,500 watts for P6,500 and P13,000 good for air-conditioned rooms; Optimax Genset brand amounting to P10,500 and P18,500 for 1,500 watts and 3,200 watts generators; 1.9 kilovolts and 2.9 kilovolts of Honda brand for P28,000 and P42,000; and Yamaha brand with higher kilovolts at P85,000.

Tajor said compared with other companies, they sell generator sets at much lower prices since they get them directly from manufacturers abroad.

For those who can’t afford to buy the generator set at instant payment, Tajor said they accept purchases to be paid in installment basis for three months with prices good as cash.

“If they could pay it in lesser time, then good for them. But it should be fully paid within three months,” Tajor said.

As they get the products directly from manufacturers abroad, Tajor said customers still need to wait for a week for their generator sets to be delivered.

article by Loui S. Maliza of Sun Star CDO

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