Engr. Julius S. Maquiling

The NIA PRAISE (Program on Award and Incentive for Service Excellence) Committee which is composed of a powerhouse of competent and expert jurors recently conferred the most coveted distinction of “Lifetime Achievement Award”-Provincial Irrigation Officers’ category and a cash incentive of P40,000 to Engr. Julius S. Maquiling, Regional Manager of NIA in region 10, for having garnered the Most Distinguished Award three times in a row during his stint as Provincial Irrigation Officer during the 47th Founding Anniversary of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) last June 15-18.

The race does not end here as his recent promotion to Regional Manager makes him again a strong contender for the Regional Manager of the Year title.

Engr. Maquiling transformed NIA-10, once a struggling, income-deficit and low performing region into the most improved and one of the best performing regions in the country.

With his focus on the three performance indicators-Cropping Intensity, Collection Efficiency and Viability Index, he nurtured NIA-10 into becoming the most dynamic, progressive and competitive enterprise with a surplus of more than P24 Million in revenues on his first year in the position.

It is unprecedented and a feat that only men of high calibre service and quality work can achieve. He effectively leveraged the region’s key assets like infrastructure, area development, revenue generation and manpower resources with boldness and vision steering it thro’ impressive culture of maturity and discipline.

Maquiling succeeded in the art of management and group leadership where many men of greater talent and training have failed. He has established a direction and created innovations to put Northern Mindanao to a firmer financial footing and more established growth pattern.

The awardee has touched the lives of many people inside and beyond the realm of his office. He is magnanimous and a staunch advocate of his staff and personnel especially in the payment of benefits and in promptly granting the corresponding incentive and bonuses for longevity, productivity, viability and retirement packages.

He has done this with more passion and intelligence, a service that flows from a genuine feeling for other people, an interest in the welfare of others that is warm and personal. He is conscientious, compelling and effective. He makes an indelible imprint in their hearts by attending to their needs at all cost which earned him their respect and loyalty.

He is relentless in his drive to stay on top. He is not daunted by the challenges and there is no limit to how high he can truly go. After a successful run of going higher and greater, he is even more passionate to push onwards. He is confident that through hard work, teamwork and boundless commitment he can raise the bar in sustaining the viability of the region.

A positive take on the awardee is his resilience and absolute determination to rise above adversities. What makes him immensely successful is his perseverance and stark optimism. He is ready for the heavy demands of his position and looks forward to a rewarding date with destiny.

The man of the hour is “First Among Equals.” He has guts and tenacity which sets him apart from the rest. He bonds with his colleagues and associates really well and readily accepts responsibility entrusted to him. He is philanthropic and is quick to respond to the call for assistance and good-will. He is generous, accommodating, purposive, untiring that is precisely why, he is often referred to, as the human dynamo. Time is an element he cannot afford to waste so even his leisure time is coupled with chores he undertakes expeditiously. He is the Agency’s foremost exponent of sustainability as characterized by his principle that people are most effective if work is blended with play and worship. He steered the region thro’ remarkable growth and viability in only a few months in office.

As Regional Manager he has mentored and helped his staff succeed in their work without losing their authenticity. He encourages people to have the audacity to do hard task, to lead with clear direction and to make sure that everyone in the team is aligned on how to reach their goals.

The management attributes the success of the awardee in delivering outstanding growth due to his strong focus on operational excellence as manifested by his numerous awards for outstanding performances. The awardee likewise, credits his success to his people who are dedicated and who understand their role in the oganization. For every phenomenal achievement Engr. Julius S. Maquiling is cited for, he never fails to acknowledge the growing capabilities of the men and women behind him as the most important factor in the achievement. He hopes to use his expertise and experience to make a difference notably in terms of sustainability in the field of irrigation.

Shakespeare in his work, has divided great men into three classes: those born great, those who achieve greatness and those who have greatness imposed upon them. Maquiling’s quest for excellence is not only motivated by garnering awards but as a way of life, as a tacit encouragement to pursue higher levels of professional development and a tool for social and economic recovery.

In effect, let it be said that “Nothing comes between ambition and fame if one is willing to sacrifice to pursue his goals.” At the final countdown it is certain that “Victory is sure for those who endure.” (NIA)

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