THE Cagayan de Oro Academy for International Education (CDO AIE) steps into the global scene when its school principal, Dr. Maria Fe Opina, and teachers. Thessa Villanueva and Carolyn Pichay took part in the First Multiple Intelligences World Symposium held in Beijing, China last May 31 to June 1.

This was the culmination of a course they took up in the Multiple Intelligences Institute in Beijing, China.

Enthused Dr. Opina: “We hobnobbed with over 500 delegates from around the world and we actually met up with the Father of Multiple Intelligences, Dr. Howard Gardner!”

Being the first Multiple Intelligences school in the Southern Philippines, CDO AIE, in pursuit of global competence and academic excellence, strives to become a genuine and world class MI school in the country. And so its school president, Alain Marc Golez, sent his principal and two teachers to enroll in a special course in the Multiple Intelligences Institute.

The culminating symposium aimed to create a platform for international MI experts and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences.

The keynote presenter, Gardner, discussed his MI theory and his recent work, “Good Work.”

There were also speakers and presenters who discussed MI practices and applications—including early childhood, school management, curriculum design and professional development—from the United States, Australia, Asia and Europe.

“Surely,” says Dr. Opina, “our school has gone a leap forward towards global competence, setting up a milestone for richer opportunities in the coming years.”

CDO AIE was founded by Dr. Rafaelita Pelaez on July 3, 2009. The vision of the school is to bring out the multiple intelligences of each learner—his linguistic, kinesthetic, musical, logical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic intelligences for him to  become a socially responsible and active global citizen.

The school is located at the Kauswagan National Highway in Cagayan de Oro City, across Pan de Pugon.

article by Mozart Pastrano of Gold Star Daily

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