The graphic above will soon be displayed on a tarpaulin perhaps installed in many areas around the city. I got this from a popular forum. As revealed in previous posts, the old Agora Complex is now officially called Market City and East Bound Bus Terminal.

Market City will have fully tiled floorings, spacious walkways, clean wet markets, vegetable landing, fastfood, dry goods and clean toilets…. it’s sounds like a mall being described to me.

What I’m excited is the new bus terminal – with air-conditioned waiting area, air-conditioned toilets, covered walkways, walk thru metal detectors, baggage x-ray machine, convenience stores, internet café, overnight inn. Wow! But wait, air-conditioned toilets? hmm….

An overnight inn is long overdue. This is good for transients and travellers. Internet shops and convenience stores…SM Supermarket! – Last minute shopping before boarding the bus. Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Dunkin Donuts, etc… bring-house to the province.

The walk-thru metal detectors are already being used by some malls in the city but x-ray baggage machine is I think only available at Lumbia Airport. They should also do this at Bulua Terminal.

With Market City a sure thing, Puerto Market will be next….

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