A Cagayan de Oro success story, BOTOY’S prospered into a multiple branch franchise operation within a span of less than three years after introducing its franchise concept. This growth has been fueled not only by the delectable litson manok and other grilled treats’ popularity among Filipinos but also because of BOTOY’S attractive franchise package which is very affordable to small investors. Now, it’s among the fastest growing franchises in the country based on an article on July 2009 issue of Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine.

Botoy’s, the Cagayan de Oro-based franchise experienced exceptional growth, both financially and in their number of outlets since starting the franchising business. Below are the short info of the company:

  • Company Name: McAlba Foods Corp.
  • Franchise Name: Botoy’s Litson Manok, BBQ, Liempo
  • Product: Char-grilled food
  • Why it’s hot: Over the years, litson manok, liempo and chicken and pork barbecue have remained as Botoy’s main offerings, but it has expanded its menu in response to market demand. The company’s aggressive marketing demand and advertising campaigns had grown its gross annual sales to an estimated P100 million in 2008. Botoy’s also offers a choice of three franchise packages: take-out kiosk , fast-food restaurants, or mixed-store.
  • Initial investment: P300,000 to P1 million
  • Estimated payback period: 5 to 20 months
  • McAlba Foods Corp.
    Engr. Cesar Alba or Engr. Dennis Suzada
    Zone 3, Bulua Highway, Cagayan de Oro City
    (088) 858-9600; (088) 309-1348
    0917-7102522; 0923-2252489

BOTOY’S  Litson Manok started operation as a copycat business. With scrap materials around from the proprietors’ previous construction business, the first store opened in March 10, 2000 with just a small kiosk selling litson manok & liempo for an average of 15 chickens and 4 kilos of liempo a day. Month later the need for eating tables arise from customers requests. So, 3 tables were provided. Eight months later a bigger space is needed to service the growing number of customers. Luckily, the owner was able to transfer to a 10-table capacity space just beside the small kiosk and the business run smoothly with some minor problems. In July of 2003 a much bigger space was acquired by the owner to house the commissary, bodega, staff house for the stay-in workers, and the 22-table capacity restaurant. Also in late 2003, 3 branches were added to the first store making it 4. The business grew that a  bigger commissary is  needed that in August 2004 a new and bigger commissary had been occupied located in a separate compound to accommodate the processing of more or less 200 chickens, 70 kilos liempo, and 50 kilos Pork Barbecue.

The concept of Franchising the business came to mind during the last quarter of 2004 and from then on the business grew into bigger family. To date there are 16 franchisees operating in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, and in Ozamis City. The owner now focuses only in running four (4) company owned stores and the commissary which produces an average of 1,500 kilos of both chicken and pork everyday to be supplied to the franchisees. The 3 old branches which the owner had had been franchised already.

To date some interested individuals are trying to scout for spaces in Manila and Cebu so that another franchise stores will also be opened there.

Botoy’s main concept when it started its operation early 2000 is to provide quality and affordable food for the masa market. Always, when an entrepreneur plans to open a restaurant he will readily target the middle to upper class market not knowing that middle class to lower class segment of the market consumes a lot because aside from their number they do hard labor making them eat so much to have more energy for their work. With decent space, quality sumptuous food and reasonable prices, botoy’s enjoy a good share in the fastfood market.

Botoy’s history from www.botoyslitson.com

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