“THE best years in my life have been years when I served my country as a Filipino Soldier.”

With these words, Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Delfin N. Bangit bid the troops of the 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division goodbye on Tuesday.

Bangit said it was the Fourth Infantry Division that nurtured his realization that combat is not the only solution to the problem of insurgency.

“I appreciated the value of Civil-Military Operations here at 4ID and this division reflects the fulfillment of my labor,” said Bangit, who once served as 4th ID intelligence officer during his years as a field grade officer.

In his farewell speech, Bangit lauded the troops for their “wholehearted support and professionalism” that led to the successful conduct of the May 10 local and national elections.

He said the nation owes the peaceful elections to the Filipino soldiers who “deserve the respect not only from his comrade but also from his countrymen.”

He also stressed that every soldier must adhere to the “Code of Conduct of a Filipino Soldier,” specifically that of “civilian supremacy over the military.”

He, however, said that “recognition and respect of civilian supremacy” does not mean that the military are of lesser stature.

As to his plan to retire from the service, the AFP chief said it was time for him to go because he believes his retirement would be good for the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

He said his retirement must not be interpreted as a “sacrifice” on his part because he believes that his decision to retire is the right thing to do.

In his closing statement, Bangit rallied the soldiers to “respect, support, obey and honor the next Commander in Chief and the next Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.”

article from Sun Star CDO

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