New construction updates in Cagayan de Oro City include this 4-storey mixed use building along 8th Street in Barangay Nazareth just across the Office of Muslim Affairs. I didn’t notice this until I passed by the area this noon. Construction must have began sometime late last year as the building is nearing completion.

The ground floor is assumed to be used for commercial spaces. The upper floors could be used for lodging. The blue glass panels on the building’s facade also add to its unique architecture.

Also in Nazareth, below is the large church of the CDO First Assembly of God being constructed at the corner of 11th-29th streets. CDO First Assembly of God Church first started as a “house church” of new converts. The congregation grew over time spiritually and numerically under the care of local leaders. Sometime in the late 60’s a missionary came from the Assemblies of God, U.S.A., Rev. Edna Alhberg who assisted the local pastor in all aspects of the ministry and programs of the church. The new building (4-storeys high) is a true manifestation of the congregation’s growth in the city.

 Below is another small commercial development along Vamenta Boulevard in Carmen. Interestingly, I just don’t know if the tarp seen below is the same project seen in the background (6-storeys).

Below is another new development near the intersection of Vamenta Blvd., Calamansi Drive and Pelaez Blvd. near SSS Building in Carmen.

Looks like another bakeshop will open tomorrow. Lots of business will be inaugurated tomorrow following Feng Shui’s “lucky 8”.

Below is the former Steve’s Grill along Tiano Bros. just near Vjandep Tiano Branch. The building is undergoing reconstruction. I just don’t know if it will still be Steve’s or some new investor.

I would have posted six (6) more new construction projects in the city but I’d rather reserve them for Update No. 17. Some are really new constructions while others have already began a few months back but will be posted first time here. Below are some clues of their locations:

  • City proper
  • Corrales
  • Osmeña
  • Agusan
  • Baloy
  • Bugo

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