CAGAYAN de Oro Heritage Council held the unveiling and blessing of the City Museum marker on Thursday near the Gaston Park.

The new museum used to be the water tower that was constructed in 1921. It served as the reservoir of the old municipality of Cagayan de Misamis with water coming from Malasag, when water system was taken over by the Nawasa in the late 1950’s.

For so many years, the water tower has been idle, prompting the City Government through Mayor Constantino Jaraula to convert it into a city museum.

Jaraula said it was his dream to turn the water tower into a museum.

“The tower was an 88-year-old building. But it is still sturdy and all it takes is a little renovation to make it useful. This, I believe, will become one of the tourist destinations in the city,” Jaraula said during the unveiling and blessing of the marker.

He said the museum would provide tourists with information on the city’s history. It would also house collections and exhibits of paintings and art pieces made by Kagay-anons.

Jaraula said part of the tower will still be used to store water for the consumption of Gaston Park.

After the unveiling and blessing, Jaraula planted a Mahogany tree across the museum, which he said would serve as a good memory when his term ends.

Among those who witnessed the unveiling and blessing of the water tower include Jaraula’s wife Divina, Myrna Motumooll of the Department of Education, Telly Sagaral from the city planning, Sun.Star columnist Inday Laviña, staff from the Xavier University Museum, Ivy Guantero of SM City, Councilor Dante Pajo and other guests.

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