PANGILINAN-LED Metro Pacific Investments Corp. is eyeing one hospital in Northern Mindanao, one out of four medical facilities being eyed for acquisition, according to news reports.

Metro Pacific Investments Corp. still has P1 billion left for a hospital acquisition. Its health care group includes the Davao Doctors Hospital.The move will further strengthen the hold of Metro Pacific — which now claims to be the country’s largest hospital operator — in the local health care industry. The group will “synergize” operations and services of its hospitals in the next year or so to further increase efficiency.

The listed holding firm has identified four hospitals — one each in Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, Metro Manila and Northern Mindanao — for acquisition, with one being eyed for acquisition this year. The firm is looking for at least a 200-bed hospital.

Early this month, Metro Pacific bought majority of Riverside Medical Center, Inc., the largest hospital in Negros Occidental, for an undisclosed amount. Riverside Medical Center, the group’s fourth hospital and the first in the Visayas region, is a 336-bed level four hospital with obstetrics and gynecology, medicine, orthopedics, and surgery departments.

Metro Pacific had allotted P1 billion to P2 billion for capital spending and acquisitions under its health care group, which accounts for less than 1% of the holding firm’s profits.

Metro Pacific would “synergize” the operations of three hospitals by next year. Under the plan, the group will have joint procurement, services, equipment trading, and medical and management systems.

So, any guess which hospital is Metro Pacific targetting? One hospital could be Polymedic…..

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