DARLING FOOD PRODUCTS the Pride of Cagayan de Oro is among the food manufacturing companies specializing in meat products in Cagayan de Oro City. The business exists for more than twenty two years now and has raked in many awards. And the company now produces seventeen kinds of products namely pork chorizo, beef chorizo, chorizo macao, pork tocino, beef tocino, chicken tocino, longanisa, corned beef, bacon, premium hotdog regular, darling ham and pear shape ham. 

From a very small market segment, the company has now captured the major department stores in the city and wholesalers in some parts of Mindanao. Due to its quality yet affordable frozen processed meat products, the company has now survived in the intense competition existing in the local market. 

Darling Food Products started its operation way back in 1986. With a capital of only P 150.00, Mrs. Aileen Tello Lazo, the owner, was able to produce only 3 kilograms of chorizo for a day and tried to sell them to her neighbors and friends. Fortunately those people loved the taste of her chorizo and started receiving orders from her friend’s friend and neighbor’s neighbor. In 1988, during the midst of strike of the suppliers in Ororama Supercenter, the purchaser of the said store invited her to display her products. Through this, it made her once-a-month production turned to a daily production. This prompted Mrs. Lazo to give a name for her chorizo products. Thus, Darling Food Products is born. It was named “Darling” for it resembles the amiable, sweetness and friendly character of Mrs. Lazo, which undeniably earned the heart and stomach of its consumers. 

Continuous blessings unceasingly poured in to Darling Food Products. The business is growing and the number of its consumers still increasing. It was then that Mrs. Lazo decided to add some of its products such as pork tocino, beef chorizo, beef tocino, chicken tocino, bacon, corned beef and longanisa. Just recently, the company has just market their newly developed products, which are the Chorizo de Oro, Premium Meaty Hotdog, Longaniza de Oro, Ham and the seasonal ham which includes pear shape ham, fiesta ham and brick ham. 

A once single proprietary owned business has now become a business of the family. His son, who is a Food Technologist, assists not only in producing quality products but also to improve existing and new products through product research and development. On the other hand, her only daughter is the one in-charge in sales and marketing. The personnel behind the operation are the people, who are dedicated and religiously love their work, which made the company bigger and competitive one. 

Its products include the following: 

Darling Foods Tocino 

PORK TOCINO – The balance of sweetness and softness blends in your mouth 

Darling Foods Chorizo 

PORK CHORIZO – Not just any kind of chorizo it is the best if not the only chorizo there is 

Darling Foods Longaniza de Oro 

LONGANIZA DE ORO – The unique taste of an extra ordinary flavor that lasts 

Darling Foods Bacon 

BACON – Tender and flavorful slabs that is made from selected boneless pork belly, cured & processed to perfection. Trim, lean & flavorful! A specialty item & a delicious meal for breakfast or anytime. 

Darling Foods Chicken tocino 

CHICKEN TOCINO – Tocino lovers who wanted tasty, satisfying and yet minimal cholesterol in their diet, Darling Chicken Tocino is the one they are looking for. 

Darling Foods Chorizo de Oro 

CHORIZO DE ORO – An oriental food that has been part of the Filipino tradition. A home food delicacy made out of grinded pork with its special seasoning that makes a satisfying blast to our taste.

Darling Foods Regular Hotdog

REGULAR HOTDOG – It’s a hotdog that you couldn’t resist, because it dares to compare.

Darling Foods Ham

DARLING HAM – Carefully and exquisitely prepared to capture yum kind of craving

Darling Foods Pear Shape Ham

PEAR SHAPE HAM – The aroma lets you wake-up to start your day perfectly right.

Darling Foods Lechon Manok

LECHON MANOK DE HAMON – The one of its kind Lechon Manok de Hamon in Cagayan de Oro

Darling Foods Chikaron Yummy

CHIKARON YUMMY (ORANGE) – Darling Yummy Chikaron is made from a high quality fresh frozen pork skin with fat & with meat, coked delicately in pork oil with its secret flavoring that makes this Filipino favorite snack. Deep it in a vinegar & viola! its now a viand to your meal.

Darling Foods Chikaron Chilli

CHIKARON CHILLI Regular & Special (GREEN) – Darling Chilli Chikaron has two variety. One is Special – made from high quality fresh pork skin with fat & meat on it, while the other one is Regular – which is also made from high quality fresh pork rind. These two varieties were cooked int its crispiness & the chili flavor makes zestylicious!

Darling Foods Chikaron Tsarapp

CHIKARON TSARAPPP (YELLOW) – made from a high quality fresh frozen pork rind cooked to perfection to meet its crispiness a way pork skin chicharon should be!

Darling Foods Chikaron Tsarapp

CHIKARON TSARAPPP (BLUE) – specially made particularly for kids & students

Darling Foods Chikaron Chilli Big and Tsarapp Big

CHILLI BIG & TSARAPPP BIG – specially made to cater parties, gatherings, appetizers & barkada food tripping!

Available in 250 Gram Packs:

  • PREMIUM HOTDOG PACKS (250 grams)
  • SWEET HAM PACKS (250 grams)
  • PORK TOCINO PACKS (250 grams)
  • LONGANIZA DE ORO PACKS (250 grams)
  • CHORIZO DE ORO PACKS (250 grams)


Below are its awards:

Darling Foods National Finalist for the Best Meat Establishment 2006 AwardDarling Foods National Finalist for the best in business excellence (small enterprise category) 2008 Award

Darling Foods 1st place regional winner for the Best Meat Establishment 2006 AwardDarling Foods 1st Place Regional Winner for the Best Meat Processing Plant 2007 Award

Darling Foods 1st Place NMIS Regional Winner for the Best Meat Processing Plant 2005 AwardDarling Foods National Winner for President Ramon Magsaysay Outstanding Filipino Workers Award

Darling Foods is located at Agape Drive, Tibasak, Macasandig 9000 Cagayan de Oro City. Just contact Tel No. (08822) 724-785, 721-206
Telefax No. (088) 857-2453 or at email address: darlingfoods@yahoo.com

WEBSITE: www.darlingfoods.com

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