My last update on Dahilayan Adventure Park was last February 2010. In 3 months time, a lot has changed at the place with more amenities, rides and places to see for the whole family.

Obviously, the club house is still under construction as seen above and below. This will reportedly house the future restaurant of Zip Zone. Presently, visitors are referred to nearby Cowboys Grill, just a stone’s throw from the Park’s entrance.

The Forest Park Cafe seen below is now open too but some construction works are still being undertaken such as this pond-like impounding structure just below the cafe. Note cascade-like design near the “pond”. Life-size “wild animals” are also placed in the Forest Park under the pine trees. Meanwhile domesticated animals are seen in the playground of the Forest Park. The owner of Forest Park is reportedly different than Zip Zone but still in the same Paras Family. The Forest Park owner also runs Zorbit and ATV Tours (both new rides). The Zorbit’s track is seen with series of orange canvas placed on the route. The end-point is beside the green-roofed tent.

Just browse over the photos below for the updates. More tour details are on the OUTDOOR FUN LINK on the upper right hand portion of this page.

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