New construction projects in CDO this time not mentioned in previous posts. With the ongoing power crisis, it seems the construction industry has not mellowed down a bit. Every week, everywhere you go in the city there seems to be new construction projects – site clearing, building being demolished for a new one, renovation, and all related stuff.

The main photo above is that of a 3-storey residential-commercial building along Bolonsiri Road in Camaman-an. I’ve noticed this late last year but I rarely pass this area. Recently, I happen to visit a friend in the vicinity. Construction is now on the 3rd floor. The ground floor is an office of a Veterans Association in CDO.

The photo below is a 2-storey mixed use building along Tomas Saco St. just a few meters from Loreto’s Grill. Construction began about a few months ago but I only posted this project just now. It’s nearing completion.

Below shows the entrance of the Xavier University Gym being re-constructed. Perhaps, the Jesuit-run university has figured something to smoothen the “in” and “out” traffic flow of gym patrons, especially during ball games.

Below is another construction along Corrales Avenue, just some 40 meters south of Parasat. Work began further inside of the property so it’s not noticeable when you’re cruising Corrales Avenue. Only just recently that work has now reached the roadside that construction is on-going.

This 3-storey building below is located just near XU Gym. This project began I think last year but I haven’t posted it yet until now. Work stopped for a few times but has resumed. I think this is a mixed residential-commercial type, perhaps rental spaces on the ground floor and boarding houses/dorm on the upper floors.

Lastly, below is the Phoenix Refilling Station being constructed at the entrance of Apovel Subdivision in Bulua. Based on the size of the enclosed area, this is a large station. It would get customers coming from Bulua, Patag and even Carmen.

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