Right after the Heritage Monument was inaugurated last month, the Provincial Government wasted no time redeveloping the Gov. Vicente de Lara Park. Work on the park began a few weeks after the completion of said monument and as of today, major redevelopment and landscaping are still being undertaken onsite.

As seen in the pictures, the Provincial Government has finally learned how hard it is to maintain the grassy lawn of the park. Everyday, lots of people of all walks of life take time off and either sit under the shade trees of the park, walk or jog around the paved paths, do some people-watching, lovers-talk and all other stuff. Previously, to maintain the grass, park maintenance disallowed groups from practicing their routine (e.g. dance) for longer hours over the grassy lawn.

As part of the redevelopment, more areas were paved. In fact most of the grassy lawn were replaced with concrete pavement. Other areas have been replaced with colorful tiles. Park-goers will have more places to sit as concrete benches were being constructed around existing trees. More ornamental plants are being introduced onsite also around the trees. Most notably, the small pond at the western entrance of the park is going to be remodeled too.

When this project will be completed, it will be more relaxing for everyone to feel some nature in a bustling urban jungle.

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