Pryce Plaza is looking to expand its operations in CDO and newcomer Crown Regency Group has just secured a property along Kauswagan-Patag intersection. I’ve just read this in a local column in a weekly periodical. It is written by Mr. Ped Quiamjot who is the general manager of Pryce Plaza Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City. So the news is very much credible….

You can download Ped Quiamjot’s full article HERE.

Now, can you guess the possible location of “Kauswagan-Patag Intersection” as secured by Crown Regency? It’s probably in the vicinity of SSS and Elipe Park (which is in Brgy. Carmen – at the crossroad going either to Patag and Kauswagan) ….but this puzzles me too, there is no such thing as Kauswagan-Patag Intersection…perhaps aside from SSS-Elipe Park, the nearest would be along the National Highway in the vicinity of High-Time Drive In….that’s where the boundaries of Kasuwagan and Patag meet.

As for Pryce Plaza’s expansion….lets just ask Mr. Quiamjot (email to

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