Updates of the 3rd Bridge Access Road revealed that the 3rd Iponan Bridge is now half-way done. As of today and as shown in the pictures on this post, workers are seen pouring cement on the Bulua-side of the bridge. Major civil works of the bridge are still on-going for the Barra-side portion.

Below are more photos of the bridge (Barra-near side and Bulua-far side).

Below is the bridge approach at Barra.

Below are the main girders for the bridge approaches (Barra side).

Below are photos of the Igpit section near the National Highway now in the grading and leveling stage. This is a 4-lane alternate highway which leads to the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge via Bulua Terminal Complex passing Igpit & Barra in Opol, and Bulua, Bayabas, & Kauswagan in CDO.

I failed to visit the Bulua side approaches…but below is the Bayabas section now undergoing filling and widening. This is a new road opening which leads to Bulua Bus Terminal.

This will definitely open up new growth areas and remedy some traffic problems in the city.

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