The Golden Mile’s north extension has already progressed. After reclamation, piles are now seen at the site. A pile driver and a back hoe were seen onsite. This connects to the portion beside the ongoing expansion of City Hall. Reclamation has now reached right at the back of the proposed amphitheater or just fronting the lot where the proposed 30-storey City Center will be built.

One thing which rouses curiousity is the seemingly extension of reclamation towards the center of the river shown below.

Below is a clearer picture taken during low tide the day before.

My assumption is that it will be the base of the proposed walkbridge as seen in the perspective below.

It could also be the fountain, but based on its distance, it should be the walk bridge….

Meanwhile, DPWH has started initial pile driving works at the Paseo del Rio area near Kagay-an Bridge as part of its river protection project which is a major component of the bridge. Initial clearing of the river abutments was conducted just recently as clearly shown in the next photos. This area is located south of City Hall and will connect to the portion just beside the church and then finally the Golden Mile. Hopefully, this will be fast-tracked to pave the way for the Paseo del Rio project of the Pelaez Group located right behind the bridge.

The Convention Center in the background is so near yet so far…actually.

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