Part 12 of a series. This time updates of previously posted building projects. The project above is an update of my March 8, 2010 post. UKC is building what looked like a very large ang long commercial building. This is perhaps part of the so-called Montecarlo Business Park.

The plan as seen below also includes construction of road network. The building is so huge and wide (about 3 floors) it’s like a shopping mall.

The building is just a stone’s throw from the BIR Regional Office as seen below.

Below are pictures of steel footings for the building.

Because of the distances of the steel structures/beams, I think it is series of large warehouse.

Below is the update of Misamis Oriental Cooperative Bank along Antonio Luna Street, just at the back of the Press Club Building. This project was first posted on November 6, 2009.

Same project as seen from Press Freedom Monument.

Building below is that of the 5-storey Diagnostic Center along Chavez-Burgos Street. It was first posted here last August 14, 2009. Construction started very fast, then suddenly slowed down by the end of last year. It has resumed just this year.

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