PENONG’S BARBEQUE AND SEAFOOD GRILL, one of Davao’s top chicken barbeque house will soon open their first branch in Cagayan de Oro. The site is located along JR Borja Street just beside EMCOR. Penong’s is considered the undisputed King of the Grill in Davao.

Penong’s is also known for its affordable Inato meals and is often crowded. In fact, it’s chicken barbeque is among the best in the country based on “The National Search for the Ultimate Pinoy Dish””, a joint project of Unilever Foodsolutions, Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) and Department of Tourism.

I expect Penong’s to really make it big in the city….Kagay-anons are known to patronize chicken inasal with MANG INASAL, JO’S MANOKAN, THE BARN, LECHON MANOK NI SR. SAN PEDRO, BACOLOD CHICKEN INASAL, DEAR MANOK, and BOTOY’S, among others.

Based on the photo below, construction has began with layouting, foundation and footings. Probably in a month’s time if work is fast, Penong’s will be open to serve the public.

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