Part 10 of a series….new construction projects this time. The billboard above installed just last week is that of a 5-storey Commercial Center and School Building Renovation of Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori located along CM Recto Avenue near Gaisano City.

Based on the billboard, I can assume the upper floors will be for the educational institution while the ground floor will be open for commercial operations. In fact, the artist already identified “Starbucks Coffee” and “Gluggo” as two of the locators as seen in the one photo below. But I think it’s just for “drawing purposes”.

Currently, workers are demolishing the old concrete structure where it was previously occupied by a beauty salon, and some chicken fastfood outlets.

The architect of the project, Calixto Tumulak belongs to the old school. His more popular projects include Dynasty Court Hotel and Ororama Megacenter, among others.

The next project below is the “re-structuring” or “retrofitting” of the Commerce Building of Xavier University. According to sources, engineers found out some flaws in the structural design of the 6-storey building after both students and teachers as well as campus authorities found some cracks in the building. Basically, they will will just “reinforce” the existing building. Good that they scheduled their work at the end of the school year.

Below is another 2-storey commercial building in Lapasan under construction. It is named Surposa Building. Workers are seen demolishing some structures of the old building.

Below is another 2-storey hotel along Capt. Vicente Roa Street. It still doesn’t have a name but it’s a small budget hotel.

Just some 60 meters from said hotel is another commercial building construction also along V. Roa Street. I fyou’re going to Cogon from CM Recto, it’s on the left.

Soon to open is The Marigold Hotel beside Land Bank Velez. It is now in the final stages of construction with opening believed to be next month. They are looking for hotel workers…apply now.

I think they will next install the hotel signage on this part.

Below is perhaps another building project along CM Recto just across La Cabana Spa. Workers are seen demolishing the old structure of the “tiangge” area. This work has been for more than 2 weeks already. Interestingly, this location is just across the future site of Ayala.

Lastly, the final new construction I’m going to post is that of the former bank building also in Lapasan just across Pimentel Iron Works. The old building is being demolished…perhaps to build a new one. Lets wait.

There are more new constructions which I’m going to post soon….the power crisis hasn’t really affected the construction boom in the city. They merely adjusted to the rotating schedules of brownouts.

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