Cagayan de Oro City has implemented a total of 38 various infrastructure projects last year worth P 217.8 million, a city hall press release said.

It said that the funding for the project was taken from the city’s 20 per cent development funds, the press release cited City Engr. Jorie Bingonia ‘s annual report submitted to the Office of the City Mayor.

Of the total number of infrastructure projects implemented in 2009, 25 project amounting to P26,795,587.74 million were completed while 12 projects costing P188,804,757.66 million are still on-going and one project worth P2,208,396.13 million was suspended due to right-of-way problem.

Based on the report, the on-going construction of the modern four-storey Legislative and Administrative Building Project accounted for the biggest allocation which pegged at P169,300,043.00 million.

The City Hall annex building project is identified as one of the priority infrastructure projects under the administration of City Mayor Constantino Jaraula – part of his flagship “Golden Mile” boulevard and riverbank development initiatives.

Under the 2009-20% Development Fund, eight projects worth P4,135,300.00 million were implemented by the administration through the City Engineering Department while 20 projects were implemented through barangay administration amounting to P6,715,154.04 million and 10 were done through contract in the amount of P206,958,287.49 million. (City Information Office)

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